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 “Hi Tom…I’ve been in the construction industry for over 25 years, this is by far one of the best courses which I have completed…and the spreadsheet (auto-schedule) and defects checklist SAFE RITE have developed are invaluable…In summary 10 out of 10, I enjoyed the course and is great Value for Money!”

Kurt B. – Senior Project Manager

Hi Tom…SAFE RITE’s defects prevention systems checklists have been an absolute game changer for our team. They’re incredibly helpful and so easy to use!…staying organised and ensuring compliance has never been easier.”

Marin Mitrovic- Builder / Director Mitroteam Projects

“Thanks Tom,…the Defects Prevention System you have created is the best, and easiest system to prevent defects in the industry. Top quality resource! ”

Frank N. Licenced Builder.

 Hi Tom…Thanks for all the defects checklists… I have shown them to my foreman and he said they are the best he’s seen.

Dr. Jules C. – SAFE RITE Owner Builder

Hi Tom, …the online course was great and the information/ tools provided  (ie budget planner, auto-schedule, defects checklists and safety resources etc.) for my projects are fantastic…thanks.”

Ben A. 

Hi Tom, the Auto-Schedule and  Defects Checklists provided by you are excellent…This is a clear example of the high quality resources & training your provide…”

Ananda Herath – SAFE RITE Owner Builder

“Hi Tom! Yay! Thank you so much. Massive thank you for being so kind… Very much appreciated. 

 All the best! I will recommend this course to anyone that asks.


Alyx G.


Hi Tom

 I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the information very interesting and relevant for what I need…thanks for your help and guidance – it was very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Maria A.

Hi Tom

Many thanks, great product you have, was easy and very convenient to do this course. 

Brendan O’Connor

“Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for your all help and very happy with your service.

All Best wishes!

Esther Yang

Hi Tom,

I wanted to let you know I got my Owner Builder Permit through Fair Trading yesterday.
Thanks for the great course and support you gave me, especially when I needed extra time to finish it.

I am now ready to look after my own building work.

kind regards,

Kim Hague-Smith

Hi Tom

Thanks a lot.  I enjoyed your course, the layout, process and functionality was very good.  I’d strongly recommend your course to others.

And knowing you are on call across such an extended period of trading hours is excellent.

AAA+ Customer Service”

Karen F

“Good morning Tom,

 …very professionally set up & handled . Thanks”

Bruce Cameron

“Hi Tom, Once again thank you very much for your time on the phone .

And you have a great website – simply loved it !” 

MD. S.Karim

“Hi Tommy, Thanks for the information. I found the online Owner builder’s course to be excellent.Regards,”

Tim Brain

“Hi Tommy…once again i thank you and your team for a wonderfull organised SAFE RITE  online owner builder course. Well done keep it up”
Mr Moustapha Dadoun 

“Thanks very much Tom – you have been a big help…and I appreciate the phone calls on a Sunday and late at night when I was doing this!…Amazing service!!!”   Kind Regards

Alison Irvine

“Hey Tommy,Just wanted to say Brilliant Website, Brilliant course and overall a Brilliant service, I will be highly recommending your website, keep up the good work!

Kind Regards Faye Sutton

“Nice one Tom and I appreciate the quick response…great site mate and I will inform my friends about it if they need to do the course!”.

John Jenkinson,

“Tom, Your service is second to none,  great stuff.”

Godwin Felice, Construction Superintendent,

“Hey Tom, Thanks for all your help…Top quality service!!! Well done!!!”

 Denise & Andrew O’Malley,

“Wow. Fantastic site. So much helpful information…. All in the one place. Great value for money.”

Simon Murr

“Hello Tom, Your course runs very smoothly.I’ll recommend you to some friends who are also owner building”.

 Michael Walker, 

Just a quick note to say that I run an RTO and found your course and online content to be excellent.”

 Daniel Becker ETC Limited 

“Hi Tom,  I would like to thank you …..your courses were great and I wish you guys all the best in the future”

 Stephen Lovell,

“Thanks Tom, Your service and website are fabulous! I would have no hesitation in recommending your site to anyone who needs to complete an owner builders course. Have a great day!”

 Vicki Serenade,

“Hi Tom, You have built a truly impressive business. The website is amazing. The way you run your business (and your commitment to it) is inspirational. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.”

Doug Huey ,

“Thanks Tom, Your response time is world class.”

Jamie Callaghan , 

“Hi Tom, The course was awesome anyway thanks alot for making it so easy to complete online ill definitely be recommending it.”

 James Booth   ,

“Hello Tom, Thank you kindly for all your help. I will definitely recommend Safe Rite to anyone looking for an owner builders course. Safe Rite is very professional and friendly. Thank you again for your services.”

Sheren Eskander  ,

“Hi Tom, Thanks for all your support and helping me understand everything I needed to complete the certification. Your responsiveness and professionalism has been  nothing short of brilliant!”

 Peter Manoukian ,

“Thank you for the fabulous service. I can highly recommend you service to anyone who is interested.”

 Alan Plan,

“Tom, The course was fantastic user friendly easy to follow and understand a big thanks …” 

 Neville Gasmier, 

“Thanks Tom for your great service.”

 Chris Coudounaris  , 

“Hi Tom, Thanks for sending me online material for owner builder course.  The course material was great . Once again I have no hesitation in recommending about this great course to my friends who would like to take owner builder permit in near future.”

Dr Satya Yadav , 

“Hi Tom, I have completed the on line training. Thanks for your help yesterday…your course is excellent and I will certainly recommend it to others. Many thanks”

 Neil Mumme   , 

“Hi Tom, This course is great. Clear, user friendly, easy to navagate and I’ve learned heaps. Thank you”

Paul Martin  

“Tom…would just like to say that the course modules were really good, the way you have set it out is great. It is easy to use and simple to understand and it also outlines the main points that you require to know for the owner builder licence. It does not get any better …

 Taaha Taleb 

“Hi Tom, Expert and clear instruction…”

 Chris Pahljina

“Hi Tom, Expert and clear instruction…”

 Chris Pahljina

“Thanks Tommy, You are a legend. I really appreciate your efficiency, promptness and humanity. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends who want to become owner builders.

 Thomas Thaw ,

“Hi Tom, Thank you so much …  Peter does a lot of slabs and driveways and is sometimes asked to quote before people even have their plans in Council!  So he will definitely recommend your website to those in need of a permit.  What a difference your website was to the other one!”

Leanne & Peter Lubec, 

“Morning Tom, Thank you very much. I’m glad I chose Safe Rite.  You can see how much effort they have put into the course to make it really easy to learn.  This made the online test a piece of cake.  All in all, it was easy and I learned more than I expected to.”  

 Geoff Lovell  

“Hi Tom, Thank you for the quick reply! You must not sleep! always get replies from you at 5am haha. Have a great day and thank you for all your help last time. You provide an awesome service!”

 Law Bui ,

“Hi Tom, Mark received the certificate. Thank you so much for the fantastic service…Will definitely recommend your course to any other person looking into obtaining an owner builders licence.”

 Mary G. , Croydon

“Thank you very much Tom, now that is fantastic service. The Owner Builders Course was most enjoyable and you have been most helpful.”

 Tim W. , Berowra

SAFE RITE client survey feedback (anoymous) when asked : “What was the best aspect of the training…”
 Everything was fantastic and well explained
 Well Structured and interesting
 Very clear explain & easy to understand
 Good presentation and good graphics
 The whole package.  Very interesting
 Interesting, Very clear, enjoyable yet educational
 Clear explanations well organised presentations
 It was a great training course, that was very informative.
 It was very clear and very helpful and was a good lesson
 Well delivered and informative
 Excellent trainer, good course
 The presentation and the information was well layed out and easy to understand
 Very informative, clear and easy to understand trainer very helpful
 Clear Concise form of delivering information of the subject in the course and graphic demonstrations
 Fun and Enjoyable
 Informative and easy to follow
 Everything was perfect
 All very easy to follow & understand. Well presented
 Very Informative, Easy to understand
 Clear & Well presented
 Well Explained
 Explained in easy to understand
Excellent presentation of module
Comprehensive, Informative, Interaction, Excellent
All aspects were delivered effectivly & effience & professional
Very Informative and Esay to do
Excellent course and presentation
Easy to follow, very imformative
It was very informative and well presented
Very Informative
Interactivity of the program – Very good
very informative and appropriate for owner builder
Content was excellent
Highly Educational
Easy to understand, focussed on owner builder requirements
Well presented and informative
Very satisfied, great teacher. Recommended.
Very Informative, good
Very Informative. Well Presented
Very informative
Great instruction
Very well organised and well easy to understand
Very informative/ interesting
Excellent Delivery
Everything in this course was very informative
Very informative, instructor was brilliant
Great course, very clear and througher presentation
Excellent and lively and very interactive class participation
Best- Clear concise info- Interesting
The way the trainer taught us. Fun and easy to learn
Everything was fantastic and well explained
Tom Raguz the trainer, PPT presentation instead of text book
The teacher was very good with communication with the students
 Fun, active entertaining
 Fun active environment
 The trainer made it interesting – Tom Raguz
 Quality of the powerpoint slides
 Friendly & informative
 Tom Reguz – Presentation, clear, entertaining and extremelly helpful and appropriate
It was very comfortable from teacher to student.  Learning was easy was very fun and non boring
 Informative, Interesting
The Teacher ies great
The whole package.  Very interesting
Good Trainer
The lot- Training
Learning and communication
Tom Raguz- Very informative
Clear Understanding
The Trainer is excellent
It was really professional and friendly
Best teacher & so gentleman
Best teacher
Enthusiasm of trainer is outstanding
Interesting, Great teacher, material easy and easily understood

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testimonials 1    testimonials 2      testimonials 3      testimonials 4    testimonials 5    testimonials 6  testimonials 7

testimonials 1    testimonials 2      testimonials 3      testimonials 4    testimonials 5    testimonials 6  testimonials 7

Discover why the Safe Rite Owner Builder Course is receiving rave reviews from satisfied customers!

From the moment you start the course, you’ll experience a smooth and user-friendly layout, making the learning process effortless. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is unmatched, as our team is on call during extended trading hours to provide support whenever you need it.

With a comprehensive and well-organized presentation, our course covers all the essential knowledge for obtaining an owner builder license. But don’t just take our word for it. Our customers have described the course as “excellent,” “informative,” and “easy to understand.”

They have praised our professional and friendly approach, stating that our website is “amazing” and our service is “world-class.”

So join the countless others who have had a brilliant experience with Safe Rite’s Owner Builder Course. Get started today!

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