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FREE Project Auto-Schedule

we’ve already planned out your project for you!


FREE Project Auto-Schedule

Experience the ultimate convenience of having your project already planned out with the SAFE RITE Project Auto-Schedule.

Our FREE Project Auto-Schedule solution makes planning your project easy by seamlessly streamlining the scheduling process.

It’s all ready to go!  – Fully automated with pre-programmed trade order, critical stage inspections, and certifications, it’s all there!

Simply enter your project start date, and your on your way! Your project schedule is ready! – YES it’s that easy!

Get access to your FREE SAFE RITE Auto-Schedule when you complete the SAFE RITE Owner Builder Course.

Your project is already planned out!   What are you waiting for?


Having s project schedule prior to starting allows owner builders to visualise how the project will come together. 

Schedule Trades

It identifies the trade order i.e. what trades need to be onsite, when they need to be onsite and how long they will take to complete each task.

Organise Materials

It identifies when materials will be needed onsite. It allows for enough time for owner builders to organise quotes, logistics and delivery timeframes from their supplier. 


Plan Inspections

It also identifies when you need your critical stage inspections and certifications. 

Updating Your Schedule

A regularly updated schedule allows owner builders and their contractors, trades, engineers, architects, certifiers etc, to easily identify and understand the ongoing progress of your project, as well as any changes that will inevitably arise.  A good schedule helps avoid costly delays. 

Project Auto-Schedule  Features

 A ready-to-use pre-programmed project

  Just enter your start date – automatically adjusts & updates

 Pre-programmed trade order 

 Trade activity start/end dates 

  Identifies when your critical stage inspections are required 

  Lists the certificates you require. 

  Easily edit/change duration days for each trade

  All trades automatically re-scheduled to adjust to any changes 

FREE Owner Builder Course + Project Solutions Platform - $199

Your FREE Owner Builder Course Offer expires in:

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