BOSS Estimating Software

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boss ESTIMATING software

Introducing BOSS Estimating. Revolutionary new software developed for owner builders. Coming soon!

Calculate all your materials for each stage in minutes!

Examples of BOSS Estimating Features

Ground Cleaing 

Site Clearing (m2)

Cut and Fill area (m2)


Demolition (Items/lm m/m2)

Gound Slab

Pilings Cages (Count/Items)

Pilings Concrete(m3)

Trench Mesh (Lengths)

Foundations / Footings Concrete (m3)

Ground Slab Formwork (lm)

Ground Slab Mesh (Items)

Ground Slab Steel Reinforcement (Kg)

Ground Slab Concrete (m3)

  Curing Spray (m2)

Shotcrete Walls (m3)

Polythene / Vapour Barrier (m2)

 Framing Stage

Sub Floor / Stumps (Counts/Items)

Framing – Floors (m2)

Framing – Walls (m2)

Framing – Top & Bottom Plates (lm)

Framing – Studs (Count + lm)

Framing – Noggins (lm)

Framing – Accoustic Ply (m2)

Framing – Floor Insualation (m2)

Framing – Roof Area (Plan View – m2)

Framing – Roof Area (+ Pitch – m2)

Windows / Glazing (m2)

External Doors (Count)

Wall Wrap/Sissilaiton (m2)

 DPC (lm)

Termite/Vermon barrier (Lm)

External + Masonry Walls

External Cladding and panels (m2)

Brickwork / Blockwork (m2)

Core Filled Walls Steel (kg)

Coore Filled Walls Concrete (m3)


Concrete Columns & Walls

Formwork (m2)

Steel Reinforcement (kg)

Concrete (m3)

Column / Wall Finishes (m2)

Suspended Concrete Slab

Suspended Slab Formwork (m2)

Suspended Slab Steel Reinforcement (kg)

Suspended Slab Concrete (m3)

Structural Steel 

Vertical Steel (Posts / Columns) (items)

Horizontal ( Lintels / Beams) (Items)


Spiral (Height)

Timber (Height)

Balustrades & Handrail (lm)

Roof Coverings

Sisilation/ Sarking (m2)

Roof Coverings (m2)

Roof Plumbing (lm / Items)

Internal Linings 

Insulation (m2)

Internal Wall and ceiling linings (m2)

Internal plastering (m2)

Internal Doors (Items)

Wet Areas (m2)



Paint (m2 / Litres)

Tiles (m2)

Architraves (lm)

Skirting (lm)

Cornice (lm)

Floor Coverings (m2)

Plumbing Connections (Item)

Electrical Connections (Item)


(Optional) Costings and Productivity

Costings – Materials 

Costings – Labour

Productivity (hrs) for each trade / task

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