About us

About us

Our story so far…

–  In 2018, in response to industry concerns, we unveiled an innovative Defects Prevention System, aimed at improving quality control in residential construction projects. This system empowered anyone to understand the workflow, recognise the tolerances, and identify defects as well as identifying the insurance and licence requirements when building a residential structure.

–  In 2019, SAFE RITE began to research and develop an easy-to-use estimating software. This tool was specifically designed for owner builders, simplifying the estimating process and making it accessible to all.

–  In 2023, BOSS Estimating Technologies was born.

–  In 2024, SAFE RITE began leveraging the coding architecture of BOSS Technologies by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to develop one of the most cutting edge and high tech solutions in the industry – a technology that can read plans, estimate material quantities, prices, and schedules instantly, is in the works.

The journey of SAFE RITE, from its humble beginnings to its current status as industry leader, reflects its unwavering commitment to the construction industry. With every milestone, every achievement, SAFE RITE has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, contributing to the industry’s evolution and growth.

Today, the story continues…



Driven by Excellence

We have redefined construction industry training.

Since its inception in 2006, SAFE RITE has been recognised as a multi award nominated training provider committed to high-quality education, innovation and cutting edge solutions for the building and construction industries in Australia. 

–  In 2011, we introduced a game-changing safe work method statement generator, provided free of charge to the construction industry, simplifying compliance with legislative obligations.

–  In 2012, we pioneered and developed and successfully patented a biometric, anti-fraud technology. This breakthrough was designed to protect students in the online training sector, ensuring integrity and authenticity.

–  In 2016, we founded our Registered Training Organisation (RTO), solidifying our dedication to training excellence in building and construction.


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