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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is owner builder work?

Owner-builder work is any work (including supervision and co-ordination) involved in the construction of, or alterations, repairs or additions to, a dwelling (which includes a house, terrace, town-house, garage, swimming pool and certain other structures and improvements):

  • where the reasonable market cost (including labour and materials) exceeds $10,000 (as of January 15, 2015), and
  • where the development approval must be in respect of a single dwelling-house or a secondary dwelling (where the land cannot be subdivided under local council LEP)
  • In special circumstances dual occupancies may be approved , ( e.g. disabled / sick family member).


Do I need an Owner builder Permit for my building work ?

To get an owner-builder permit, you must lodge a completed owner-builder permit application at a Fair Trading Centre and show that:

  • you are over 18 years old
  • you own the land or have a prescribed interest in the land (e.g. long term lease)
  • you live or intend to live in the completed residence

You must also provide:

  • a Notice of Determination - Approval (Copy of development approval (CDC or DA) from a certifying authority (i.e. council or private certifying authority)
  • the owner-builder permit application fee ($169)
  • completion of course in Work Safely in the Construction Industry - "White Card" (NTIS code CPCCWHS1001)
  • where the value of the proposed work is over $20,000 (as of January 15, 2015), evidence that you have either completed the approved owner-builder course , or can satisfy the approved equivalent qualifications.


When will an Owner Builder permit application be refused ?

Some of reasons NSW Fair Trading may refuse an owner builder application include:

- If the property is not in your name (or if you dont have a prescribed interest such as a long term lease)

- If your name was on the same title when  another person (e.g. spouse / famiy member) obtained an owner builder permit in the last 5 years. (As of January 15, 2015)

- If you want to build a duplex where the land can be subdivided (unless special circumstances exist e.g. disabled / sick family member)- As of Junuary 15, 2015)

- Renovations to an apartment / unit / flat / townhouse within a stata complex

- Where the property is not for residential purposes


Is this the course I need to become an owner builder in NSW?

YES – SAFE RITE offers the Course in Owner Builder Compliance and the General INduction White Card approved by NSW Fair Trading and SafeWork NSW.


Why choose SAFE RITE?

Quite simply – we are a multi award nominated construction training provider with:

  1. The BIGGEST Savings
  2. The BEST resources
  3. The MOST features

SAFE RITE offers virtually more SAVINGS and FEATURES than all our competitors combined.

As the leading Owner builder course in Australia, SAFE RITE has pioneered new methods and resources to save our clients $10’000’s in real and practical ways.

SAFE RITE was the first course in Australia to offer industry discounts on materials and services to our members. We give you the contacts to actually save you potentially $10,000’s. We DO NOT offer some vague abstract formula – we give you actual people to call today!

SAFE Rite was the first course in Australia to develop a complete online Safety Management System that complies with ALL the WHS Act 2011 requirements. The only one of its kind in Australia.

SAFE RITE has developed the ONLY Safe Work Method Statement software for Owner Builders in Australia. Developed from our famous commercial version, this offers the protections that Owner Builders require under the WHS Act.

SAFE RITE has the largest online Owner Builder Directory in Australia to help you save time and money no matter where you live. With over 117,680 listings in over 400 categories covering 4,800 suburbs and regions, now you can find what you need, when you need at your fingertips.

SAFE RITE  has on offer the largest range of DIY Videos online.

Our clients can, literally, make their course investment back 10, 20 , 50 or even hundreds of times over depending on your projects requirements and your management skills.

This is why SAFE RITE is Australia’s LEADING Owner Builder Course.


How long does it take to complete owner builder course NSW?

The course duration will vary for individual participants depending on their experience and individual skill level.

There are two options to complete this course:

Option 1: Assessment Only Pathway: This is for students who believe they have the skills to attempt the assessments directly. The nominal duration to complete the course using this pathway is approximately 10 - 15 hours, including the required online meeting at the end of the course.




Option 2: Self-paced Learning: This option allows students to download the course materials and study, learn, and absorb the course content at their own pace before attempting the assessment. This pathway takes approximately 80hours and includes study time, knowledge assessments, learning activities, and an online meeting.


Many participants are expected to complete this course much faster as they are able to draw upon prior knowledge and experience.

There are no prerequesites for this course.

Students can attempt the assessments any time.

Students can attempt the assessments multiple times at no extra cost. 


Can I attempt the assessment any time ?

Yes - if participants believe they already have the knowledge and skills, they can begin the assessment any time. All students have immediate access to the course material and assessment.


Is this is an "Open Book" assessment ? Yes. 

 Our Multi Award nominated course offers resources such as immediate comprehensive course manuals , resources , a course notes panel, animations, fun interactions and videos to help guide your learning. 


Does the SAFE RITE owner builder course also have student support ?

Yes. Ph 1300 217 584


How long long do I have to complete the course? - 

 The course registration is valid for 6 months, thus participants undertaking this course have up to six months to complete the course.


How do I know that SAFE RITE is a high quality Registered Training Organisation (RTO) ? We are Australia's only multi award nominated course, as well as being the first Australian RTO , training college or university to have developed and patented anti fraud and anti corruption biometric e-Learning technology to protect students and those participating in online learning. 

Has SAFE RITE been successfully audited to ensure it meets the Australian Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) 2015 ?  YES - SAFE RITE  was successfully audited in October 2018


Do I need a ‘White Card’ before I do this course?

YES. All particpants must complete a seperate NSW White Card Course (This is a mandatory Face to Face course - Unit CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.) before you go to NSW Fair Trading / Service NSW.


Can the White Card be done online?

NO - as of 29th July 2019 , new regulatory provisions prohibit the issuing of online white cards to persons located in NSW , Victoria, South Australia, Queensland (Under certain exemptions) , Tasmania and Northern Territory. 


How Long do i have to complete the course ? 

Participants have 6 months to complete the course. 


Can I register for FREE and pay later?

YES – Please click here to register for free.


Can I stop at any time and come back later to continue the course?

YES – You do not have to complete the course in one sitting. You can log in and log out as many times as you like.


Are interstate ‘White Cards’ accepted?

YES – SafeWork NSW (Formerlly WorkCover NSW) accepts interstate White Cards.


When do I get my certificate?

We email you your Statement of Attainment within a few hours of completion.


Is this course accredited be NSW Fair Trading and WorkSafe NSW

YES - SAFE RITE is an RTO (Registered Training Organisation - RTO Code 45002) and our courses are recognised throughout Australia.


Can a company or charity become an owner builder?

YES - If land is owned by a company that is wholly owned by individuals, the land is to be taken to be owned by those individuals. An owner builder permit can be issued to a shareholder, with the permission of the other shareholders.


I don’t own the land but I do have a long term lease. Can I become a owner builder?

YES – if a  person has a prescribed interest in property such as:

  1. Has a freehold interest in the land (such as where the person is duly registered under the Real Property Act 1900 as the proprietor of an estate in fee simple, whether unconditionally, for life or in remainder), or
  2. Has a leasehold interest in the land in perpetuity, for life, or for a term exceeding 3 years.


What are my responsibilities as an owner–builder?

As an owner-builder, you are responsible for:

  • overseeing and supervising all tradespeople
  • ordering of materials and management of the building site
  • obtaining all necessary council and authority approvals
  • ensuring that the financial, taxation and insurance requirements of the building work are met and fully comply with all laws
  • being aware of your obligations under the Workers Compensation Act 1987 and Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and providing a safe work environment that complies with WorkCover requirements
  • ensuring any contractor engaged is appropriately licensed and insured to do the work contracted for
  • warranting that the work and materials will be fit for the purpose and that the work results in a dwelling fit for occupation.


As an owner-builder, what CANT I Do?

It is an offence under the Home Building Act (maximum penalty $22,000) for the holder of an owner-builder permit to:

  • knowingly engage an unlicensed contractor
  • lend your permit to another person
  • refuse to disclose to an authorised officer the names and addresses of contractors working on the site.


What are my limitations under an owner–builder permit?

An owner-builder permit is not a building licence. It does not allow you to:

  • do work other than the project covered by the development application or complying development certificate
  • do specialist work such as electrical, plumbing, gasfitting, air-conditioning and refrigeration work (unless you hold a licence for such work).


How often can I be an owner-builder ?

Only one owner-builder permit can be issued within any 5-year period, unless the application and any earlier permit relate to the same land, or unless special circumstances exist.


Do I need Home Warranty Insurance ?

Each licensed contractor (builder, tradesperson or project manager) who contracts directly with an owner-builder to undertake residential building work must provide home warranty insurance from one of the approved insurance providers when the total contract sum exceeds $20,000 (including material supplied by the contractor). The certificate of insurance should be provided to the owner-builder before taking any money on the contract and before starting any work. For more information, refer to the Home warranty insurance page on the Fair Trading website.


Selling an owner-builder built home 

As of January 15 , 2015, insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund (previously called Home Warranty Insurance ) is no longer available for owner-builder work done by an owner-builder.

Should an owner-builder or a successor in title to that person decide to sell their home within 7 years and 6 months after an owner-builder permit was issued, the contract for sale must include a note (a consumer warning) stating that: an owner-builder permit was issued in relation to the land on the date it was issued.

If the consumer warning is not included in the contract of sale, the purchaser can void the sale contract before settlement.

Each licensed contractor (builder or tradesperson) who contracts directly with an owner-builder to do residential building work must provide insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund (previously called Home Warranty Insurance) from one of the approved insurance providers when the total contract sum exceeds $20,000 (including material supplied by the contractor).

The certificate of insurance should be provided to the owner-builder before taking any money on the contract and before starting any work.

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